CW143000_BIO Blank Cardstock

ColorID Part Number: CW143000_BIO
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  Category: ID Cards

  Manufacturer: ColorID
  Box Quantity: 500
  Shrink Wrapped Quantity: 500
  Cardstock: Blank
  Card Composition: Biodegradable PVC
  Acceptible Card Thickness: 30 mil
  Card Color: White
  1st Mag Stripe: HiCo, 2750 Oersted
  Tracks: 3 Track

ColorID is pleased to introduce its new, environmentally friendly, Bio-Card. This card is 100% biodegradable. When this card is discarded in a fertile environment it will begin biodegrade over a relatively short period. We believe that our Bio-Card is the most biodegradable CR80 plastic card available today. Our Bio-Card has the following unique characteristics and features:

FASTER BREAKDOWN - The discarded Bio-Card will break down faster than other green cards. It is estimated that the Bio-Card will start to biodegrade within9 months after discarding in a fertile environment. The Bio-Card will break down in landfills, composts (commercial or home), rivers, waterways, the ocean or other fertile environments where active organisms are present.

DURABLE - The Bio-Card has the same durable performance characteristics of the standard PVC plastic cards. The Bio-Card is more durable that other green CR80 cards on the market.

TESTED - Testing from several separate sources and end users have confirmed the ability of this card to biodegrade quickly and successfully.

CARD OPTIONS - Bio-Cards are available in a multitude of color options including: All popular card colors from ColorID, Clear, Fluorescents and Transparents.

CUSTOM PRE-PRINTED Bio-Cards - We have numerous customers who are currently using Bio-Cards for their Pre-Printed cardstock. If your interested in a quote for Pre-Printed Cardstock, contact ColorID today from our QuickQuotes:

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